Butuuro Financial Services Annual Youths Conference and Training

Butuuro Financial Services Annual Youths Conference and Training

Butuuro Financial Services Annual Youths Conference and Training

On May 23rd, 2023, a transformative event unfolded at Crane Resort Hotel in Ishaka organized by Butuuro Financial Services and  partly funded by our partner Agriterra, a  giant partner of Butuuro SACCO, where young individuals from various backgrounds and communities gathered for the highly anticipated Annual Youth Conference and Training. This dynamic event was designed to equip today’s youth with essential life skills necessary to thrive in the present-day economy. Moreover, it aimed to prepare and empower young individuals to actively engage in SACCO government and management, fostering their growth and contribution to society.

Equipping Youth for the Modern Economy:

The conference focused on addressing the unique challenges that young people face in today’s rapidly evolving economic landscape. Through interactive workshops, inspiring keynote speeches, and practical training sessions, participants gained valuable insights into crucial life skills. From financial literacy and entrepreneurial acumen to communication and leadership development, the conference offered a comprehensive toolkit to help young individuals navigate the complexities of the modern economy successfully.

Key Objectives of the Conference:

  1. To equip youths with life skills for them to survive in the present day economy,: The primary objective of the conference was to equip youth with the necessary life skills that would empower them to excel in various aspects of their lives. Participants engaged in hands-on activities and interactive sessions to develop their critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities. They explored effective communication techniques, learned the art of time management, and honed their interpersonal skills, enabling them to become well-rounded individuals capable of facing any challenge.
  2. Preparing Youth for SACCO Governance and Management: Recognizing the importance of youth involvement in SACCO (Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations) governance and management, the conference placed a strong emphasis on preparing young individuals for active participation in this vital sector. Expert speakers and experienced mentors provided insights into the functioning of SACCOs, offering practical guidance on governance, financial management, risk assessment, and strategic planning. Participants gained a comprehensive understanding of SACCO operations, enabling them to make meaningful contributions and shape the future of these cooperative institutions.
  3. To Ensure the youths take a lead in marketing the institution, coordinate and develop networks amongst themselves and key partners

Highlights of the Conference:

  1. Inspiring Keynote Speakers: Mugisha Crescent, Agro business young entrepreneur, Agaba Evason (Butuuro Marketing and Business Development Manager), Tumuhimbise Peter (General Manager), Namara Carol (Chairperson Marketing committee), Tumuhimbise Benson Vice Chairman Board who represented the Board Chairman and Mr. Abaho John Bosco, Manager in charge of SACCOS from Agriterra  shared their experiences, inspiring the young audience with their success stories and insights. These influential figures provided valuable guidance and motivation, igniting a sense of purpose and ambition within the participants.
  2. Engaging Workshops and Training Sessions: Interactive workshops allowed participants to delve into specific areas of interest, such as entrepreneurship, financial management, public speaking, and project management. Led by industry experts, these sessions provided practical knowledge and skill-building opportunities to enhance participants’ abilities and boost their confidence.
  3. Networking and Collaboration: The conference created a vibrant platform for networking and collaboration among attendees. Participants had the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, form meaningful relationships, and explore potential partnerships. This aspect fostered a sense of community and encouraged the exchange of ideas and resources, laying the foundation for future collaborations and initiatives.
  4. Demonstrating to the youths about mindset change games
Crescent demonstrating to the youths about mindset change games during a youths conference held on 23rd May 2023 at Crane Resort Hotel Ishaka

Crescent demonstrating to the youths about mindset change games during a youths conference held on 23rd May 2023 at Crane Resort Hotel Ishaka

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